2.Arm Scripting Submissions

Started by psionic fungus, October 25, 2007, 04:15:37 AM

When 2.Arm is live, and we are all able to use super-awesome web-forms to submit objects, npcs, and rooms... Will the scripting language also be made public so that we players can further add to the pool of super-awesome possibilities in the game?

On a related note, if I were to submit an object with a script written in DMPL, is there any chance it would be put in the current game?
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Sorry to say it, but probably not.  There are a whole mess of issues and concerns involved, such as sanitizing (and probably weakening) of the API, dealing with QA for submissions, a new angle from which balance issues must be considered, addressing safety and security issues, and so on.

We'd be more likely to consider offering pre-made parameterized scripts.  For example, you might say you want an echo script with some set of echos and frequency that you supply.  This kind of thing would probably cover the majority of cases where a script is needed.

To answer your second question, we aren't currently accepting any kind of code submissions.  Sorry!