Special Applications.

Started by Kankman, April 09, 2003, 01:02:37 AM

Hi there,

I was curious how long one should wait before sending off a second email to the power in charge about a special application. One or two weeks, a month?

Secondly, if it isn't approved, should you expect an email in response saying something to that affect?


I personally waited a little over a month to find out. And yes, they send an email to you concerning the reason you are not approved, or are approved.

I sure do wonder why it takes so long, but...you are free to play a fill-in character in the meantime. Remember that and all of a sudden, it doesn't seem so long.
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There are a few reasons it takes a long time:

1.  Special applications are typically at the bottom of my priority list.  Very few of them are time sensitive, and since players can make other characters in the mean time, there's not as much of a rush as there is with other stuff.

2.  I get about 15 emails a day.  Since special apps are low priority, they get buried a lot easier than other email.

3.  It's a very time consuming process.  Whenever I get a special application, I try and be as thorough, and as impartial as I can about it.  That means complete background checks on players, occasionally talking to other staff members, and coming to my own personal assessment about the app, and what the player intends to do with it.

If you haven't heard back on your app after a couple weeks, feel free to drop me a note about it.

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