Wishing up for staff interaction: Guidelines

Started by Vanth, September 29, 2007, 06:38:18 PM

This is a subject that comes up on a regular basis every few months or so, and as such, is not intended to be targeted at any one person.

General Wish Guidelines
1. Make sure 'wish' is the proper way to handle your issue.  In many cases, emailing your clan imms, or submitting a request, are better methods.
*If you want to complain about someone's RP, submit a request with a log.
*If you want an NPC animated for a clan or plot related chat, email your clan imms and arrange a specific time.

2. See if your issue can be resolved ICly and/or with PCs first.  
*To get your magicker gemmed, you should invest some effort into finding a PC templar before wishing up.

3. Make your wish both as succinct and as informative as possible.  Take a moment to decide what the main points of your wish are and the best way to express them. Give enough information that, if an imm notices your wish 20 minutes later, they might be able to do something at -that- point.
*Instead of wishing up "I need help with this soldier", wish up "This is Sergeant Amos of the militia/legions.  There is a wounded NPC soldier here at the gates, and I need help getting them to the barracks."
*Instead of wishing up "This guy is link dead" you should wish up "the petite, honey-tressed man has been link dead here in the Barrel for some time now, can someone please log him out?"
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