Applications issue

Started by Morgenes, July 18, 2007, 04:52:41 PM

We're having an issue with our application process.  Applications that were approved today might have caused an issue with your character file.  

If you have an issue logging in with a newly approved application, please mail with your account name and character name and I will look into it.  

Please cc as a backup.

Armageddon Staff

I regards to the applications issue.   Until the coders can fully analyze what is happening with the tool we have asked staff to not approve any applications at this time.


I understand your need to have your arm fix.  We are going to have to deal with the applications manually for now.  What this means is that tonight I will go through the applications and contact each of you via email and setup a time to get you in through the queue.   You are also free to contact me via email at and let me know when you are available.  Please cc as well.    I will be available through much of tonight and we will try to get the queue cleared.

Please be patient with the process, but we will get you in the game.  It will be about an hour until I can start as I am just leaving work now.
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