Started by Dan, March 25, 2003, 06:51:03 AM

Its been a while... at least for me, since the last RPT. I was wondering if any imms were working on one or had plans for one in the near/distant future?

ps... I know you usually announce them, but I felt like posting anyway...
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I think most of the ones going on lately have been clan related or small, like the various Poets' Circle performances.

Are there any plans for big earth-shattering events? Not in the immediate future, but after that.... who knows? ;)

I would like to say that the recent Arena games in 'nak were outstandingly cool, thanks to the imms and templars involved.

Easy...All you have to do, go find some Silt Horrors or Meks, lead them to Allanak or Tuluk, like 10 of em...I garuntee that will cause an RPT  :twisted:

PS> For those of you who will analyze this it was meant as a JOKE
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Big huge earth-shattering events = everyone dies right?

I wouldn't mind holding off on those for a little while.

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