What's your favorite TV show?

Started by ale six, April 28, 2007, 04:55:42 AM

What TV shows do you guys watch?

Do you ever get plotline ideas for Armageddon from TV?

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I don't watch a lot of TV these days.  About the only show I watch religiously is 'Heroes'.  While I don't try and pull plots directly from any other material, I do think that this show presents a great way of approaching plotting in Arm.  Grand stories, mysterious ending, lots of plot twists, but above all driven by characters and the stories surrounding each of them.
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I loved Rome, now it is gone. I like the Tutors on Showtime just now, but it's not as good as HBO programming.  I also watch 24, though it gets crapper with each season. I also watch Entourage and for some god forsaken reason, I still watch the Sopranos.

After that, I'm all discovery Channel, all the time. That new special Planet Earth is blowing my mind lately. I have never said WOW!, so many times in a hour.

Deadwood used to give me ideas about PC's all the time. Rome just really brings certain aspects of the game alive for me.
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I'm with Qetesh. Rome was awesome. Aside from Rome, The Wire, The Sopranos (though I haven't seen anything beyond Season 5 yet), BSG annnd House when I get a chance to watch it, since I don't have television in my house.
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I watch tons of TV.  Mostly one-hour dramas like other people have mentioned.

My current favorites:
Lost, Drive, CSI, House, The Tudors, Weeds (imagine a Nakki noble stripped of her wealth and title, who turns to dealing spice)

I also have a weakness for reality TV and watch The Amazing Race, Survivor, and The Bachelor (yes, The Bachelor.  It's great for comedic relief and televised catfights)

I also loved Deadwood and Rome, and am curious to see what HBO will do next now that they and Sopranos are over.
Nyr: newbs killing newbs
Nyr: hot newb on newb violence
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Heroes is my current favorite TV show, backed up shortly by Battle Star Galactica (the new series on Sci-Fi) and How I Met Your Mother.

We also actively watch House, Mythbusters, Bones, Law & Order:SVU, The Dresden Files, Eureka, The 4400, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.

I swear I didn't watch that much tv until they invented PVR/TIVO technology.  Ever since we got that we watch so much more tv.

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It's a toss-up as to which is my favorite, but Heroes and Battlestar Galactic are my two favorite.  I also like Jericho and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

I occasionally watch Numb3rs, the Simpsons, and Wheel of Fortune.

Like Qetesh, I also really dig the Planet Earth stuff.  I have HD cable and an HDTV so that show is so awesome in HD.

I also like some reruns of Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond.

I never got a plotline -directly- from TV or movies, but they most definitely had a big influence.

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I think HALASTER is a Cylon.

(PS.  How could I forget BSG?????)
Nyr: newbs killing newbs
Nyr: hot newb on newb violence
Ath: Mmmmmm, HOT!

I don't have cable, so I only get CBS, a hispanic channel, and some religious network. As such, most of my viewing is of CBS. Criminal Minds is my favorite show on it, followed up by CSI:LV or CSI:NY. I also like the Unit. I'd like to watch Jericho, but I'm usually putting my son to bed during it.
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Another show I'm enjoying a lot lately is The Riches, which airs on FX.

The premise:
A family of Travelers decides to take on the identities of a dead rich family (aptly named The Riches) and have to navigate the strange terrain of gated communities, private schools, law practice, country clubs, etc.
Nyr: newbs killing newbs
Nyr: hot newb on newb violence
Ath: Mmmmmm, HOT!

The Office and My Name is Earl. I stick mainly to movies.
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