What do the imms see?

Started by Gorobei, March 23, 2003, 11:56:47 PM

As you're playing the game, it's very likely that an immortal is watching you.  How much of what you do can be read by the watcher(s)?  Can the immortals see what is actually typed, or only the consequences?  Are there certain commands that give no information, and some that give more?

I'm asking so I know what kind of thinks and emotes to use to make it obvious what's going on.  Do I have to think 'I'm going to contact BillyBob.' before I do, or will it be seen anyway?
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I'm not staff, but I think it depends on how they are watching.  There seems to be more than one way to monitor.  If they are simply in the room, then they might just see what anyone else (who could see hidden, invisible things and hear thoughts) would see.  Or they might be watching something like the runlog, in which case they would see whatever you typed in, but not how the environment reacted or what some of the variables (like ~red) that you used refered to.
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That all depends on the manner in which we're watching you.

There is a way for us to snoop your game link, so we can actually see everything you enter to the game as well as everything the game sends to you.  More commonly, we only monitor a specific subset of commands, the output of which is formatted by the game before being shown to us -- these pretty much always include think, emote, say, and psi (we don't usually see who you contact until you actually send something, and we don't usually see when someone else contacts you unless you respond).  Or, we'll simply stand in the room with you or follow you around, in which case we see pretty much what everyone else sees, plus your "think"s.

So...the more time we have to read everything coming our way, the more closely we may watch.  But that means only watching one person.  The common method is to monitor several people, or a clan, and follow what's going on from a distance -- perhaps popping in or snooping more closely depending on what's happening.

Most everything "important" to the role and the story we see, so long as you "do" it or actively think it.

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Oh yes, the IMMs have unconditional access to your webcam, even if you don't have them. They've actually set up your monitor to be like the one in big brother :)

I also remember Sanvean noting something that she had been monitoring a player's combat and social commands. The story was something like the last thing she saw in that night was a say in the Gaj, then the next thing she saw was kill gortok. It was a speedwalking story, you know.

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Hmm... Other muds tend to also have a configurable ability so they can pick and choose what they want to see, at least I beleive Smaug does. And since Smaug comes from the same original base as Arm and didn't change a drastic amount something similar might be in.

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Actually I think theres a log on a that MUD journal. Not sure though.

I think this is it. Could some imm correct me if im wrong? I sound like an idiot way to often.

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