Why don't Burglars get Scan?

Started by mansa, March 20, 2003, 03:17:22 PM

Why don't burglars start, or branch, the skill Scan?

Could it be that Burglars already have a huge skill tree, and it would overpower that guild?  
Could it be that they -do- and I've just never branched it?
Could it be that all Burglars have bad eyesight, from peeking into lockholes all the time?

the helpfile for Burglar is:

QuoteGUILD_BURGLAR  (Character)  

Burglars are adept at breaking-and-entering, and possess skills which allow them to perform exactly that. Picking locks, climbing walls, and moving silently are the primary attributes of burglars. From the very start, however, burglars are also passable fighters, and possess some small degree of a warrior's talent with weapons.

Master burglars begin to learn the path of the assassin, most of all. The art of critical strike against opponents (i.e., backstab) becomes available, as does the method of working with poisons and setting traps.

Burglars typically find work being self-employed thieves, breaking into the homes of people and taking what they find. A burglar does have a talent for directly 'nicking' as well, and can make a small living by simply stealing from the unwitting persons around him.

In addition, many burglars are excellent spies (perhaps better than any other guild), and some are able to find work for contract to do espionage or infiltration jobs. The luckiest will find a permanent contract with a powerful organization as a bard, spy, thief, assassin, or all four.

That last paragraph says that burglars, perhaps, are the best spies around.  However, if you're trying to sneak into a building with hidden guards, wouldn't the master spy be able to spot those people?

If you're a master spy, and someone's trailing you, and they are hidden... How can you possibly spot them?

Sure, you could say -Don't be Caught in the first place- but, what if you're entering your home after a long day of trailing mister templar pants, and you want to head to your bed.   There is a guy, hidden, in your bedroom.

Shouldn't you be able to spot him, if you already are the master of disappearing and hiding?

Anyways.  I would just like to know.  I personally think the reason it wasn't given to them is because Burglars already have a huge skills list, and it would overpower them.
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Burglars are already ridiculously badass to start.  Maybe give them scan later (maybe they already do)...  I'd like to see assassins get a couple more useful starting skills (maybe listen, or scan?)

Don't burgulars already have enough skills? J/K But if you think about if you are a burgular what the hell you need to be looking around for others, I mean yes there are tons of reasons, But I think the reason they don't get is because listen can almost be used as a Scan if you can hear people you can hear them sneak in, So that defeats the purpose of sneak which works basically in conjunction of hide.

I take that back depends on how you want to rp your character- Suppose it does make bunch of sense I'd like to see what the staff has to see on this also.....

I'd personally agree that anyone who has or branches hide should at least hope to branch scan, and the same for sneak and listen. One would think that a professional would have a better sense for the tricks of the trade. Alternately, one could (assuming this is not already in place) have a greater chance of detecting a hidden/sneaking person if one's own skill in hide/sneak is high enough, even without using listen/scan.
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