A Call for Rinth NPCs

Started by Zagren, March 18, 2003, 07:26:50 PM

That's right. I want NPCs, and lots of them. All rinthi, please as I'm back in the mood to spruce up the place a bit again. So, descs, ldescs and even backgrounds with personality profiles would be very cool. Do send any you'd like to see in game to zagren@ginka.armageddon.org. Send any you don't want to see in game to null@nowhere.com.

What I need is:

Rinth humans, of all kinds, all ages.
Elven children would be nice, I don't think I need elven adults since we've got scads of them.
Half-elves of all kinds, since we seem to be short on them.
Lots of dwarves, as they're currently under-represented in the rinth as well.

What I don't need:

No magickers or psionicists.
No muls. As much as a few of them might make sense, I don't want to be buried in mul NPCs since I can easily whip a handful of them up.
No halfgiants, for similar reasons as why I don't need muls.
No mantii, no halflings, no gith. Heh.
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How about Kylori? Mmm.. Desert Elves too. :D

I feel sorry for null.  Poor guy's getting all these disfigured whelps mailing him with what probably comes across as a personal ad.

Keep those NPC's coming.  :wink:
Quote from: DeliriumA hunched shinigami prowls around here, gnashing its teeth.

It might be a good idea to tweak the code on how the 'rinth NPCs actually function in the 'rinth, making the place a viable location for PCs to dwell in.

The fact that nearly all of the 'rinth NPCs are coded to be in the same "clan" generally results in the ridiculous "NPC vs PC" war which often takes place within that shadowy world.


You are walking in the labyrinth and some elven rogue tries to backstab you. You run away from the rogue and then decide to catch your breath in an abandoned building. After some resting time, you decide to move to the other side of the 'rinth. On your way there, you pass a child and a prostitute just as that same elven rogue attempts to backstab you from the shadows, having tracked you down. The child and the prostitute immediately charge at you with death on their minds, siding with the elf and trying everything in their power to see you die while assisting this elven hero.

You escape. You run into a dirty dwarf who tells you he's being chased by a mob of unlikely people banding together, who all want him dead, led by a man with a sap in his hand. Women, children, elves and dwarves all want him murdered because someone tried to mug him and he managed to escape. Suddenly you feel a kinship with this dirty dwarf. Like you, he has seen inexplicable aggression in all living people who reside in the 'rinth. The logical choice: ally with him against these people. These crazy people who feel an OOC kinship because of their coded clan status.

By the end of the day, you are 2 PCs against the world.. bonded by your PC status.. hated for your PC status. It's the classic story of the Labyrinth of Allanak.

Another example of some coded 'rinth issues that could use some tweaking:

You're slinking carefully in the alleys of the 'rinth.. trying to keep to yourself with your stealthy elven footsteps. Everything looks quiet. You keep on moving, and then you hear the sudden scrape of a boot behind you, instinct causing you to whirl around and dodge the sap aimed at your head. Suddenly the two exits to this alley are blocked off by tough looking thugs who also step out of the shadows. The three man NPC mob was waiting in ambush! But wait, there were -also- two NPC elves who were standing there, roasting meat, minding their own business, who immediately take sides with the muggers because of their NPC blood. The elves throw down their meat sticks and draw their weapons. It's now three on one with all exits blocked.

Raising your weapons up in front of your face, you prepare for the three man fight.. only to see a hunchbacked old man rush into the alley from the east exit, to come to the aid of his NPC-blooded companions. It's now four on one with both exits blocked, with six foes waiting to see you fall dead.

You die. The end.

How come if you're a group of three PCs going around mobbing people, the NPCs don't rush to your aid, but instead rush to their NPC brothers' assistance?

That 'rinth-clan marker for 'rinth NPCs needs to be done away with.

Then we can party down with some cool NPCs and cooler in-game RP inside the Labyrinth.

I decided about three months ago that the intent of the labyrinth is no longer to provide a livable roleplay experience.  If you intend to go into the labyrinth, you should treat it just as if you were going out into the wastes.  Get yourself a Byn escort and kill everything that messes with you.  You cannot live in the labyrinth as a PC.

Uh, this isn't a thread on playing in the rinth, or rinth NPC code, or anything like that. So why are you discussing this here?

If you have such concerns or ideas, post a new thread where it's appropriate (or in an existing thread...there are a few) or email me.

Do keep on topic, which is my request for NPCs. If this sillyness continues, I'll just delete the posts.
f you try to fail and succeed, which have you done?