Retiring from Staff

Started by Halaster, March 18, 2003, 02:42:13 PM

I am retiring from staff, due to lack of time to devote to the game.  I thought that, maybe, after retiring from running the AoD, I still might have some time to play, but that's not the case.  So, I've had myself bumped down to a Legend, and am no longer a 'staff member'.

I started playing the game in 1992, and came on staff in 1993.  I've retired (like this) twice before - once for about 8 months, once for a year.  So, I won't kid myself and say I'll never be back.  But, I don't see myself as having time for the game (even as a player) for quite some time, at the least.

It's been a pleasure, and maybe now some of you won't die as much, heh.
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I, for one, hopes you will be back. Atleast as a player if not an imm. I have had alot of fun roleplaying around you and sands, I died enough times after being jinxed by seeing your pcs IC.  :)

Have fun in RL, Craig, and keep in touch with us all.  :)
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One of the funnest times was your HRPT. You'll be missed. But real life must come first. Stupid real world.

Hope to see you come back someday!
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The funnest time was eluding your quite sizeable tribal warparty back in the day...

I trust you'll be joining in those of us without much time available to play in plotting to secure enough riches to make ArmageddonVR a reality?


You come up with a gameplan for ArmageddonVR, and you've got my VAST COFFERS OF MONEY AT YOUR DISPOSAL.  I COULD EASILY CONTRIBUTE $14 TO IT
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All Narlacian war vessels will be operating with flags at half-mast.

Halaster was always one of the funnest people on staff.  And, of course, nobody abused their HL status like he did.

>look room

Many bodies of Narlac the Ninja lie here, filling your nostrils with a morbid stench.
Several bodies of Arkon the Dreamer lie here, filling your nostrils with a morbid stench.
A few bodies of a crimson-grained Laeris lie here, filling your nostrils with a morbid stench.
The body of the Silhouette of Kariana lies here, filling your nostrils with a morbid stench.
The body of Keraptis the Naughty Monkey lies here, filling your nostrils with a morbid stench.

I've worked with you briefly on a few things in the past, it was always fun. I'll miss ya and wish you luck on whatever path life leads you on.

Hope to see you come back. Best,
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i'll be waiting at the door, with a candle lit in the window.

thanks for the laughs.
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You win Armageddon, congratulations!  Type 'credits', then store your character and make a new one


Whoops!  I mean err... sorry to see you leave, Hal.  ;P
Back from a long retirement

While I have not had the pleasure of interacting with you on a personal basis (that I recall) over the course of the past two or so years that I have been a player of this fine MUD, I have been reading your posts, experiencing your role-playing events, and simply appreciating the effort you (and the rest of the staff, to be fair) have put into the game over the years. You will be missed in your absence, but forever remembered by the lasting fruits of your labors. Shade and water to you, Halaster. Until next time...

Warmest regards,


Bye-bye Halaster,

You were never a shroud to me, only always the warm fuzzy blanket of death.

When/if you come back, I'll save you a piece of caek. You will be missed in the meantime.
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I'd be careful of the piece of cake, it MIGHT be alittle old :)

Anyways... I think I emailed you once and twice during a fun time with a character that I stupidly through away. Maybe. But that wasn't any real interaction and don't think needed any replies.

So even though I don't know you... Well no.. and no...

Well I'll say you should have a good one, and don't go too far that you get lost and don't come back.

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What's Aod?

You're not talking about Age of Destiny, are you? I'm wondering what happened to that game.

Thanks for doing the job, Hal - we all appreciate it.

Good luck with whatever the future holds.
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Quote from: "God"What's Aod?

Arm of the Dragon (Allanaki Templars and Militia, if memory serves)

*breathes into his sleeve*

It's my breath isn't it?  More people have dropped from staff since I joined it than have signed on!   :shock:

Aww, gonna miss Halaster, barely got to know you as an imm, had a blast as a player.
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Quote from: "Shinigami"It's my breath isn't it?  More people have dropped from staff since I joined it than have signed on!   :shock:

It begs the question.  What is the breath mints of the immortals?

Holy Pfafna lozenges, of course.

Having had the pleasure of RPing with you on several occasions I for one will most certainly miss your contributions to the world of Zalanthas. Good luck in all your endeavors and come back soon!


p.s. Hearing that you punted the decapitated head of one of my character's across the arena brought warmth to my heart... It's those little touches of color that will leave with you, Halaster.  Hurry back  :D

Halaster hasn't gone anywhere, he's right around the corner. It might be some trick to get our guard down..
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Anonymous:  I mean... the concept of making one class completely dominating, and able to crush any other class after 5 days of power-playing, seems ridiculous to me.

...but the aspect of Halaster is the most active.


Shit man, we love you.
You will be missed until your return.

Not much else I can say, except thanks for all the great times!

Don't shy the APMs you evil bastard!!   :twisted:
-Naatok the Naughty Monkey

My state of mind an inferno. This mind, which cannot comprehend. A torment to my conscience,
my objectives lost in frozen shades. Engraved, the scars of time, yet never healed.  But still, the spark of hope does never rest.

Sorry to hear about you going man.
Who will let me freely do my Rebellion type antics and killings now!??!?!?
For the record, you owe me one death and should really get that in before leaving us.

Goodbye foul murderer.

So, I should kill your character, Harcroft?

"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

No more Halaster to send the Halfling Cupid... the band of Gith for 'Sinko da Mayo' riding into a secured compound with thier plastic kanks and wagons? :(

I've loved playing with you Craig, thanks for getting me hooked on the game so long ago... Back when I had a life... you showed me the path of isolation and geekdom.. giving up the real world for a text interfaced game... *bastard* :twisted:

Keep in touch Craig... I'll miss having you send me little annoying messages...

AHAHA, the cupid.  First time I saw that, it took me nearly ten minutes to realize it wasn't IC.

Stubborn elves.

i]May the fleas of a thousand kanks nestle in your armpit.  -DustMight[/i]

scared the shit outta me... :shock:  I damn near tried to subdue and kill it.

then the winged thing hit me... and I knew... damn halaster...   :P

Hahah, I forgot about the Sicko de Mayo thingie.  That was a hoot.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

Begone wit ye!   :lol:

Yeah, Halaster.  You could always get some tight rp sessions going, even if they -did- usually result in my death.  The single moment that got me
to "get" the game and get into my long-lived ranger going into Blue Caverns and having an unexpected visit.  After that confrontation, I was OOC'ly -scared- to go back.

It rocked.  Hope to see you in-game again, in the future :)

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I can see Armadict pee'ed his pants in 9 out of 10 of Halaster's "tight RP sessions."


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What the bloody hell are you talking about, Creeper?
She wasn't doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together. --J.D. Salinger

Quote from: "Armaddict"After that confrontation, I was OOC'ly -scared- to go back.

The bloody hell that I'm talking about is that. It was just a bloody damn joke.


21sters Unite!