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Quote from: "Shinigami"*smiles* That's what discussion's all about, Z.

My response was a bit brusque, but I felt it necessary to rebuke comparing internet language to Shakespeare.   8)

Yep, it is what the discussion is about. I kind of figured you might post to justify your previous post but its really ok, I wasn't (intentionally) rebuking your thoughts, just using it as a starting point to discuss mine.[/size]

Edit- Additional Response:

Now I understand what you're saying, thanks for clearing that up. I agree completely.
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Quote from: "Callisto"Hearing that name reminded me of a tribal in one of the Fallout games.

"Daisy do bad things, things that hurt! Now little tribal burns! Need to find medicine man quick!" - Name that character for bonus points or a gold star!

"Daisy do bad things to Nanuk's 'Little Tribal'... ... Nanuk shall burn away evil spirits with FIRE!"

Funniest damn line in Fallout Tactics, spoken in Rock Falls by Nanuk the Tribal, which is a reference to a Frank Zappa song.

Do I get my Gold Star now?

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I broke something internal when I played through that.

Think I lost my whole team sometime soon afterwards to a reocurrance of the giggles as well.

*gets a shocking revelation that he can be a green-skinned, spice mutant half giant... then tries to figure out how many krathians and rukians he would need to design a magical sunbeam gatling lazer*
Yes. Read the thread if you want, or skip to page 7 and be dismissive.

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Stop being shitty to each other.

In terms of the discussion of the internet language thing. Most likely most the worlds laughing at them. Most the world laughs at English as a whole. It's one of the worst languages over all with laws that are in oppisition to others and so on and so forth. As well as it's constantly changing.

Also, most the world is alot more strict when it comes to writing things properly. Heck, most the world writes better English then people that has english as a first language. We are the laughing stock, and the internet speak which includes everything from, "how r u 2day" to l33t and all that crap, is even worse. It really is.

It's understandable to use shortcuts when dealing with text messages, just because it'd be hard to type out a message complete, and probably harder to read, but for the most part, using it anywhere else is plain silly. It truly truly is.

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