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Started by Sanvean, March 05, 2003, 12:57:32 AM

I'd like to have some sort of document aimed at someone who's running a magick user for the first time. Anyone have notes they'd like to contribute, things that should be included, ideas that should be stressed?

Technical, functional, all of the above?
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I love this idea. When I was a magicker I had a ton of questions about whether or not I was doing the right thing.

Things that I think should be included are:
* Some examples and guide-lines to what concepts are allowed with magickers and what concepts you've found work best over the years.
* Issues that should be considered when making a magicker.
* Explain what cantrips are and guidelines outlining what makes good and unacceptable cantrips (e.g. is being CONSTANTLY dirty no matter how much you clean yourself a good cantrip for a Rukkian?).
* Some good ideas to keep in mind for training (e.g. Tlaloc's idea for emoting using a shape-changing spell on a chair, while in reality your really casting the spell with NUL).
* How often is too often to practice spells? When I was a magicker I'd cast a few spells per IC day just on training and I felt like I was being a bit twinky.
* Is it alright to use previous  knowledge about spells with current char? Let's say I learnt how to cast the Rain spell with my previous Vivaduan. Would it be alright to for me to use that knowledge with my current Vivaduan? (let's say my current char believes that Vivadu is talking to him, would that make it alright? due to the fact that it would mean SOMEHOW he's getting this knowledge as if by magic)

Cantrips, and just making the reader aware that playing a magicker isn't like any of the other classes. While your warrior may have been able to take out that jakhal with his mainhand tied behind his back, your magicker will have to use his wits. Do you suddenly go invisible, or do you force that jakhal into being incapable of attacking? Either way, it's a great rush and a fun change in thinking.

I've played several magickers and have found them to be some of my favorite classes in the game. I think as long as you use common sense, you're pretty much all right. I like to compare casting to crafting. Sure, you're making the same effect over and over, but you don't use the same emotes. Not only that, everybody has their own way of getting the finished project, hence different emotes.

I also like to put allusions to the character's element. An Elkrozian with lightning-fast movements. A Drovian with inky black hair and shifty eyes. A Krathi with skin warm to the touch and a hot handshake. Small things like that are harmless and are fun to give your characters a faint background.

I've played several magickers and haven't had really any problems that people tend to bring up. I think it's just a matter of carefully reviewing the helpfiles, patience, and enjoying the role rather than the class.
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Probably toss in a note about gems and where magickers need to go to get them.  I believe I've seen that question come up from time to time.

Also how a magicker realizes his power.  By that I've played roles where a magicker 'just always knew' that he had a connection with the elemental plane since he was a child and I've had some who had a sudden revelation during their later teen years or early adulthood.  Knowing which of these scenarios is credible, or if both are, would be good for people drawing up a magicker background.

Maybe this is just my opinion, but I would also toss in that there is no right way to emote a magickal effect, and that players should feel free to emote whatever they like when casting.  The most fun I've had as a magicker is describing what I see in my mind as I am doing it.

As I think about it now, I'd like to see some docs for lesser known and played magickers, like Elkrozians and Void Elementalists. A Nilazi, in my opinion, is harder to play than a sorceror. At least a sorceror's background has been discussed on the message board, but I don't think anyone really knows anything about Nilazi. Same with an Elkrozian. While not as difficult, I haven't seen or heard of any instances of lightning on Zalanthas. I don't think there's even anything in the documents on how they behave.

I would suggest a system where some of the documents are hidden and you get a password generated if you create a character of that class. When you die, the password vanishes. In the documents would be more in-depth background on the element. The other one can be a public one that gives a general glaze over of the classes and contains the information in this thread.
"We pay for and maintain the GDB for players of ArmageddonMUD, seeing as
how you no longer play we would prefer it if you not post anymore.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Nessalin wrote up some excellent documentation for elementalists, I think it's still on his page on ginka.  All of that should definitely be included as it covers a lot of the questions here.

Other than that, I'd like to see some things on elementalist culture, especially as it pertains to the Allanaki Elementalists Quarter.  There has been some beautiful expansion of that area, and I suggest that everyone who plays a magicker at some point spend at least a little time there... it's one instance in which you can learn from others of your kind, which is very rare on Zalanthas.
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I'm collecting what people have sent me (including some fabulous stuff from Wooster). One thing I'd like to include is some sample concepts (background or background and description). If you've run a magick user that you think was a cool concept, send it to, if you would? Caveat: they should be no longer playing, and I may edit out anything too IC.

The docs are getting roughed out, here:

Two documents are not yet written: a guide to creating your first magick character, and a collection of sample concepts.

I would like:

Sample concepts from people who have played magickers in the past.

Suggestions as to what the creating your first magicker character document should contain.

Feedback on the existing documentation and suggestions for expansion. I think the culture doc should contain more information about the Elementalist Quarter, for example. Does the FAQ answer all the questions it should?

Are there other documents that should be incorporated?

Never played a magicker and don't have the Karma for it, but really like the docs. Alittle bit of help perhaps in seeing how magickers view society shows abit into how society views magickers. I'd really like to see the creation of your first magicker as well as possible concepts.

Good help if I ever play a magicker character. I think alittle more into the Magicker culture might be good. Like how the temples set up, common routines or what not? Don't know, but seems like there could be more. Interaction between elementalists of the same element, of different elements and such.

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The faq or game needs to be changed a little...

There are 100s if not more references to clerics, Id dare say 80% of the
elementalist quarter... and a good deal of the temples. By its place on the
faq it looks to be something that doesnt want to be imparted on the people
but all these IC references through room descriptions make it seem okay.

I wonder about this bit of the FAQ:
    What effect does starting location have on a magicker character?
    If you start in Allanak, you will have to decide whether or not your character will register with the templarate as an elementalist. Most of the other cities on Zalanthas, such as Tuluk and Red Storm, outlaw magick use and therefore your character will need to mask his or her abilities.

I think that is a little misleading.  Tuluk outlaw having magickal abilities, whether you use them or not.  

In Red Storm it isn't illegal to be a magicker (or a slaver, a noble, a gith, etc.) as long as you don't cast inside the city.  People may not like you if they know you are a magicker, and mobs of unhappy people are dangerous, but the law itself doesn't care as long as you behave yourself.  

I believe the law in Luir's outpost is that it is illegal to be an undeclared magicker (Allanaki gem wearers are assumed to have declared thier ability by wearing the gem).  Again you aren't allowed to use your abilities inside the outpost, but just possessing them isn't illegal.  Maybe that's just a ruse to get magickers to declare themselves so they can be killed.   :twisted:

In Allanak it is illegal to be an undeclared magicker.  You have to reveal your abilities to a templar and wear the gem, but then you get the privilage of being allowed to practice your magick inside the city, in the Temples.  

                                         * * *

On the subject of the temples, I've never been sure if you can cast in any temple, or just your own?  If a Vivaduan is visiting his Krathi buddy, can he conjure up a glass of water right there, or does he have to run home to do it?  Could a bunch of diverse elementalists have a party in one temple, and merrily conjure up food, water and patio lanterns all in the same temple for the party?   :D  Ok, that's unlikely.  More likely is casting a spell with a long effect, some of these spells are invisible, but a templar with a bug up his ass will bust you for walking around before they wear off.  Since sitting in a temple alone for hours is dull, several elementalists might want to gather and hang out while they wait for the spells to wear off, but this would mean casting in eachothers temples.  Obviously the elementalists of the temple itself might object to certain magicks, fireballs are unlikely to be welcome anywhere but the Krathi temple, but would the law forbid it?  I think this would be good to address in the Allanak Elementalists Culture document.

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I think thats where the 'masking your ability' would come in.
Just because magick is outlawed doesnt mean people with the ability
still wont arise... seems its not an environmental thing, but pretty random.

Tuluk outlaws having, using, probably favoring magick... so a Northern
magicker would probably be akin to a mindbender which are also outlawed
but still are around in secret.

Also for the FAQ, or somewhere, I'd like to see suggestions on what to do when potentially noticiable magickal affects occur inside a city, but do not trigger the crim code.  Like a person who accidentally teleports into a city, is that a big showy thing, or can you brush it off as having teleported into a shadowed corner and no one noticed?  Or you forget you are levitating, are you a foot off the ground and likely to attract attention when you are walking or when you "land," or are you less than half an inch off the ground and able to pass as merely a smooth walker?  What if you drop out of invisibility in public, does that cause a stir, or can you just "blend in"?

It isn't always obvious if an effect is visible to other people, some protective magics claim to be providing armor or a mystical invulnerability shell, can normal people see these?  I assume if you look at yourself and see something funky other people will see it too, but if you look at yourself and see nothing, does that mean there is nothing to see?  (Barring special sight).  The obvious answer is to find out IC, but this could result in death for a "hidden" magicker, and you ought to be able to tell if there is something visible without consulting a second character.

Treat the other man's faith gently; it is all he has to believe with."     Henry S. Haskins