mail problem

Started by a foreign presence, September 19, 2006, 06:12:19 AM

So I heard there was a problem with the mail between staff and players. Is this solved, and would it be okay for me to mail Sanvean to check if they have received the special application I sent a week ago?

There have been some intermittent problems for some staff with email, however at the moment these seem to be fixed.

Please hold off emailing Sanvean regarding your special app. It has only been a week, special apps usually take 2 weeks to a month to be approved. Sanvean does these in batches, and posts details of these in the staff announcements which you can see here:

As you can see, the last lot of approvals were done on September 13th. If yours was submitted before then, an email may be in order, if not, please be patient.

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