A general question about the hide skill.

Started by Plazgoth, February 27, 2003, 02:32:37 PM

Quote from: "From the Skill Hide help document"...Most types of actions will render your character visible at once, though actions involving the gathering of information often do not affect his/her hidden status.  

I understand that once you are hidden pretty much anything will break your hide but I was wondering if that is true for all of the "OOC" commands, and the 'change' command in particular. I know that changing weapons in your hand will break it (from the help doc) but what about changing your objective or your long description? It seems that when you hide it reverts back to the Code Generated Long Description, and I believe that if I change it after I am hidden it will break my hide (not 100% sure but there have been a few times I am pretty sure that is what happened).

If changing long description does break your hide I fail to see the reason. I think for those out there with scan it is much more colorful to see:

Someone is crouching behind the large boulder here, peeking over occasionally.
Someone is standing here.

What about reading help files while hidden, would that break the hide? Until now I have assumed that information gathering commands, both OOC and IC, should not break hide (such as help, score, stat, look, think, eq, inv) but my experience with change ldesc got me thinking about it and I decided to ask if it is possible to get a concrete answer on what really breaks hide and what doesn't.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Hey, im not anypart of the staff, but I was wondering the same thing. I know you can peek now.

I too feel that you need to be able to change your ldesc too.... but for a different reason. I think when I am hiding I want to change my ldesc too something like

is here crouched behind a table near the shadows....ect

So I would like to see it when you come out of hiding, not by self choice but cause you can't hide anymore that, that would show up

Hope someone listens  :P
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I play a lot of the rogue classes, and I often change my ldesc while hidden.  So, I could just be entirely wrong and be a lucky bastard that no one ever saw me, or it could be safe to assume you don't come out of hiding when you're changing your description :P
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Changing your ldesc certainly doesn't change your hidden status, so don't worry.

Also, when you're hidden, here's a quick and easy way to unhide: type 'stand' and it removes your hidden status.  This also resets your ldesc, though, so if you want to play as if you've been found, you might need to type it back in.

'eq' to see your EQ list will also break your hide. A much cleaner way with no side effects, if you don't mind it washing a few lines of text away.
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What about contact, If you are trying to get in touch with someones mind while hidden

So can a staf member please post what OOC/Info gathering commands will break hide. I do not understand why the EQ command would do it, and would also like to know what other commands will. I am sorry but a reply from the playerbase does not hold the same validity as a staff member, after all they are omnipotent.  :lol:

When you type eq, you're basically patting yourself down and checking to see all that you're wearing.. I figure that's why? I don't know. But I don't have any complaints with it, because it's a nice, neat way of 'unhiding'.

Quote from: "Delirium"When you type eq, you're basically patting yourself down and checking to see all that you're wearing.. I figure that's why? I don't know. But I don't have any complaints with it, because it's a nice, neat way of 'unhiding'.

I dunno.  I can tell you what I am wearing without having to run my hands all over my body.  Sure, that makes the process more pleasant, depending on technique, but if I was hiding out in a room I might be inclined to rely on my mental inventory.

Especially when I'm wondering if I'm holding something in my hand in RL.

While I agree its a nice quiet way to unhide, I'd prefer something a little more intuitive and see eq become a silent command.

Well, thank you for that mental image.  8)