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Mmmmm Canadian Donuts . . .
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Quote from: "Malifaxis"
Okay... okay... so, if I'm interested in moving to canada, I need to know the border is unguarded.  Alright.

Sure, how do you think all those draft dodgers got up here?  Through the unguarded boarder, of course.  My mom was a teenager back then, and helped smuggle a few GIs that had already done a tour or two in 'nam and didn't want to go back into Canada through the woods.  She'd trade clothes with 'em, so the escapee would be dressed like a hippie while she would be wearing a uniform that obvioulsy wasn't hers.  Hippies weren't known for carrying ID, and the accent between western Canadians and northwestern USAmericans is pretty similar, so it was pretty tough to tell who was who even if someone had been guarding the boarder.  My mom was quite the adventuress in her youth.

It's funny, because at least on the Canadian side the Customs workers at the official boarder crossings don't have any weapons.  No weapons.  If someone causes trouble, they have to call the police to come help them.  Well, at least that is how it was about a year ago when the story made the news.  A really, really, unguarded boarder.  It would cost to much for it to be a guarded boarder, just look how much it costs to guard the mexican boarder.  It would probably take Canada's entire military budget just to guard the boarder, and everyone would still know that if the US decided to invade having our entire military at the boarder wouldn't make much difference.  :sigh:  


I'm going to have to start thinking like a canadian soon, I think...

Step one:  When you get money out of an automated teller machine, say "thank you".  Ok, I've never actually done this, but apparently many Canadians were thanking thier ATMS when the machines first came out.  We're polite.  No one ever suspects the polite ones.    :twisted:   We know how to make nuclear weapons, we produce all the ingredients to make nuclear weapons, but we don't make them, because we promised we wouldn't make any.  Isn't that nice?  Anyway, try to be polite all the time.

Step two:  Eat more donuts.  Again, this isn't something I do myself, but apparently many Canadians feel a deep affection for Tim Hortons, which sells donuts and coffee.

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Any Canadians, eh?
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Ahh, Tim Hortons, how many bleary-eyed hours did I spend in your hallowed halls of doughnutty goodness cramming for this or that exam...  of course, Tim Horton's isn't the -best- donuts in the world... that accolade goes to the eastern US's Krispy Kreme.  However, it is the best selection, ant the best non-glazed donuts.  Can't beat a Krispy Kreme for glazed doughnuts... and their cruellers are better, too.   :twisted:

Canada has a military budget?  Just how much does a canoe and a rifle cost these days, five beaver pelts?  Hahaha, *ahem* In all honesty, there are more submarines in the West Edmonton Mall's underwater sea adventure than in the entire Canadian armed forces... what does that say?
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Any Canadians, eh?
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Labrador City, Labrador, Newfoundland & Labrador, here, pally-o's.


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I was up the other night and was wondering if our forces are sooo horrid why when the northamerican forces games come around each year the Americans allways complain about us having unfair advantages.... I mean really how can a fifty year old tank compare to a brand spanking new american tank. Well let me tell you one little tid bit of information, They don't compare we have not lost to the americans once. But all in all that does not matter one bit cause all that matters in war is whom controlls the air, and by god them american's do(Oh how I do hate thee sometimes, but others love thee). Any ways god save the Queen.... We still have a queen, didn't we become our own country before I was born, oh well, Gooo UkCanadaUsa, sounds better... Watching Our P.M lick the arses of all the other countries dusgusts me, way to stand up for yourselves and beliefs Us, even if they are wrong and a bit blood thirsty at times, heh....

Oh I guess I should add
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Woohoo! New Found LAND!
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Quote from: "Uglyhead"
Labrador City, Labrador, Newfoundland & Labrador, here, pally-o's.

Uh, Newfoundland is cool, umkaaaay?

Very cool place - figuratively and literally.  Never been there, but ya gotta love the place where Vikings were known to live many years before Christo Columbus was said to have discovered North America.

Ya know, speaking of Tim Hortons, we should do like those commercials, see if we can get the IMMs to setup a Canadian area where Canucks can secretly plot to take over Arm. ;)


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Re: Pondering
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Quote from: "Yasbusta"
way to stand up for yourselves and beliefs Us, even if they are wrong and a bit blood thirsty at times, heh....

I'm somehow amazed that this turned into a Canada/US thing.  That is probably best left in the OOC area, leaving this thread free for Canadians to announce themselves.


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Any Canadians, eh?
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Two Words......

Canadian Bacon....
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