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Started by HaiWolfe, February 25, 2003, 04:06:24 PM

What's our current playerbase (as in number of accounts)?  Just curious.

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Haw haw haw. But seriously, I don't think the number of accounts accurately represents the actual playerbase. As far as I know (which isn't far), accounts that are inactive and no longer being played hang around in the game for a very long time. I've known a person or two who didn't play Arm for 1-2 RL years, and came back to find their character, though much much older, still very present, alive, and in the same room they logged out in way back when.

Kronus, that really isn't appropriate for the GDB, I can't wait until someone deletes your ass :-D

OK, for real now, I think if I often see about 15-40 people logged in, you can -kind- of guestimate the number of active players by playing with that. In order for there to be constant numbers, people are logging on and off constantly. Lets say an average playtime is about 2 hours. So, I'm going to break up the day this way: 5 hours where the login number is about 40 strong, 5 hours of about 30, and 14 hours of about 10. In each of these hours, if people are playing in 2 hour shifts, you can figure out how many people possibly came on.

5 hours  -  Average of 40 people at any given time = 5/2 * 40 = 100 people.
5 hours -   Average of 30 people at any given time = 5/2 * 30 = 75 people.
14 hours - Average of about 10 people = 14/2 * 10 = 70 people
Total of 24 hours. After this, you can assume people start repeating their shifts.

So thats about 245 people.
This is a veerry random guess, even with all my fancy algebra, so I'm probably way off. It doesn't take into account people who play 8 hours every day, or just a few times a week, or log in for 2 hours several times a day, but maybe the averages work out. Mostly I'm just bored.
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At the Atlanta APM, last year....

A bunch of us cornered Morgenes in his room, and asked him some serious questions....

Like...   How much do I need to pay you to play a Elfling?

And...   How much do I need to pay you to allow me one hour logged in under your account?

And...   Where'd you get that neat shirt?

And...   How many players / accounts are there?

I belive the anwser was....  (remember, this was sometime in August / September)...        500 active accounts, over 1000 accounts total.

I think it's changed from that, so, we just got to wait until a staff member anwseres this forum.

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I go by the number of people subscribed to this board, subtracting some for the folks with 2 accounts and adding some for people who don't make GDB accounts. I think there are around 350-400 active players.

I lose. Wee!

Although it does make sense, given that it isn't logical that all players would log in at least once on a given day.
 great evil walks Zalanthas...
Master Z has arrived from the west!