Busy Coders

Started by Xygax, August 12, 2006, 05:30:34 PM

Here's an interesting set of stats from our revision control system, to give you an idea how much work has been done in the code this week:

42 files changed, 3467 insertions(+), 3481 deletions(-)

Each insertion/deletion is a line of code that has changed in some way (a change causes that line to be deleted and reinserted, effectively).  So, we've touched approximately 3500 lines of code this week.  Some lines of code were actually deleted.  It looks like we actually managed to reduce the total lines of C code in the game (including utilities -- but not including perl, php, or any of the other scripting languages we ) this week by 14 lines.  w00t.  Less code is almost always better.  :)

A lot of this work has been behind the scenes stuff that you won't necessarily see, but should benefit from in the form of more productive coders and more productive staff overall, so I thought I'd point it out.

If you're curious, the game's C code (again, not including script utilities or even scripted content in JavaScript or DMPL) consists of about 242,000 lines.

-- X