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300 dpi Armageddon Logo - 4 inch tall
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I think it would be just fine without the references to the specific cities/areas. People can always learn about the details of the world by visiting the website... And besides, I don't think you can do Zalanthas justice in a handful of sentences. Better to leave it short and sweet, IMO. And that way, the text won't be quite so dominating as it is now.

On Zalanthas, everything beautiful is dangerous...

Life on the desert planet of Zalanthas is a daily struggle to survive. [A sentence or two describing the world without direct references to places would be nice... I'm not a good enough writer to come up with my own, though; I'm all about the cut-and-paste.]

Over a decade old, award-winning Armageddon MUD is as addictive for its brutally harsh desert theme as it is for its beautifully written environments, revolutionary programing, and intense roleplay. Players have described it as "the most creative, emotionally involved game on the net," and "as much of a work of art as a game." Join hundreds of players from all over the world in one of the most dynamic and submersive experiences on the internet.

Murder. Corruption. Betrayal.
Welcome to Armageddon.