85% Rangers

Started by mansa, August 03, 2006, 01:42:21 PM

Quote from: "Halaster"Another point to consider is that as time moves forward there are more and more people with more and more karms. The percentage of people with 2+ karma is higher today that what it was 5 years ago. Because of that, you see a lot more magickers - but eventually the people who are just getting to play them will stop and go back to rangers. Did you know that Nusku also noticed, in the numbers, that there was one point where we had 85% rangers?


Why are rangers so popular?

Here are the reasons, as per mansa:

#1)  You can move around when you want to.

#2)  You can quit when you want to.

#3)  You can make things, and fight.

I think the most important thing about the game is being able to play when and where you want to play.  

I think that we should seriously consider allowing the 'storm' code to work with a subclass, instead of just a ranger.  

I also think we should seriously consider allowing a subclass to be able to quit in the wilderness, or have more quit safe rooms, or change the way quit works entirely.

What do you guys think?  Do you think it's a problem when 85% of the characters in the game are one guild?

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Now, I don't mean that Storm Code AND Wilderness Quit are BOTH in a subclass, but it would make sense if Caravan Guide had the Storm Code benefit, and .. oh .. Scavanger had Wilderness Quit.  I don't want both benefits to be in one subclass.
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Staff position on this has been no (hence why it's not done)

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