Started by Halaster, July 20, 2006, 03:14:02 PM

07/20/2006: Units will only attack other units when ordered -- Morgenes

Morgenes wrote it so that you can no longer order a unit to attack someone unless that someone is a unit.  So, 'order unit kill joe' will not work, although 'order unit kill 3.unit' will work fine.  This includes order followers.  The point is that units cannot engage an individual in combat, unless that individual attacks it first.

You can still have your units guard you.
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We've also added a script that allows templars to do 'order units attack' and it will force the units under there command to square off and attack other enemy units in the room.  They will try and spread out as best they can to engage units that aren't already in the fight.

Armageddon Staff