Bardic Circles

Started by calric, February 18, 2003, 03:18:14 PM

Do/Will the Bardic circles have their own clan listings and website? I've just got done reading the bard info in the sub-guild section(thanks Sanvean; wonderfully indepth) and I have not noticed any listings for bard groups/clans under the clan listing's section. Is all of the bard circle info to remain ic, or will there be a niche on the web or some such for those who join with the bardic houses? Just curious, I guess.

....ummmm, rock on?

My understanding of the bardic circles holds the following:

The bards are concentrated within 6 families and those families are known as Circles such as Irofel. The Tuluki bards section covers pretty much the clan documentation for a northern bard. There is also a GDB clan page for bards of the north. As I recall, there was mention in the last weekly update to e-mail Sanvean to become an official member of the bardic circles.

Being a part of the bardic circles is rather restrictive in my opinion. You would not be going around hunting or killing stuff for the heck of it. You would be a cultural aspect of the game and abide by the rules of the higher-end of society as that is where you get your coins and your ability to perform is a factor as to how well you live. Though, that's just my thoughts on it. You could be a psychotic vampire for all I know that leeches on people's life forces as they wander past or during performances.
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What Eclipse says is true, although it would depend on the circle you hail from. A Groot is more likely to be out foraging and hunting than a driamusek, while an Irofel might be out wandering and travelling to distant cities in search of stories. Some bardic circles require their members to be more sedentary than others, some like their members to get out and about more.
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:D Just a question. What is the current population like in the Bard's Circle? I mean, 10 ppl on at peak time? (that'd be good IMO).

The whole population or the pc population?
lt;Varak> "If my theory proves correct, weezers and dwarves, due to their similar evolutionary environment, should join in a symbiotic relationship in extended isolation."

the PC population.

Sorry if you consider it inappropriate to ask. I just like to keep an eye on how well certain clans do when I'm considering joining them. Bardic characters have always had an appeal to me, so I'm double interested in the Bard's Circle.

If an Imm finds it inappropriate to ask, please let me know, and I'll stop it. But I've done it a few times on the GDB when thinking of a char concept outside of my normal range, and I don't remember an Imm telling me to stop. ;)

Poet's Circle isn't like a regular "clan" in most senses. They're dispersed amongst the rest of the Northlands population and (generally) have jobs or patrons outside of their circle membership.

I hope that wasn't too IC, I figure it's something all northern PCs know and most NPC citizens of Tuluk would have a general sense of.
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aaah. Thanks for that crymerci. ;) So in other words "the Bard Circle population is pretty pointless due to the fact they're hardly together (depending on the sub-clan)".

Don't worry about being IC. I haven't been in Tuluk since it was rebuilt and I knew that info. :P (not to that degree, but I did know that it was very adhoc).