Magicker for Dummies - Tuluki Version

Started by Yokunama, July 05, 2006, 09:08:15 PM

QuoteThe general populace does not know what a magicker is and isn't capable of, and assumes the worst.

-What percentage of the Tuluki society, are the ones that are magicker literate?
-Do commoners fit anywhere into this percentage? If so, how much of the percentage they make up?

It seems to me that EVERY single PC from the north (Tuluk) seems to know how to pick a magicker from a crowd like sore thumbs.

>drop pants
You do not have that item.

The way you've highlighted this section of documentation makes me think that you might be misreading it.

The documentation does NOT say, "The general populace does not know what a magicker is", that would be an incomplete reading of the phrase "is or is not capable of."

It says (paraphrasing for clarity), "The general populace does not know what magickers are capable of."

In answer to your specific questions, if by "magicker literate" you mean "have genuine understanding of what magickers are or can do", I'd say that percentage is almost nil.  Even the templarate would have very little actual knowledge of elemental (or other) magick, beyond what they've personally witnessed or heard about in potentially false rumors.  Even the secret-magickers themselves probably have no idea of what they're capable, or of what others like them might be capable.

That said, uneducated as they must inevitably be, they are also gossipy and superstitious, so they are equipped with endless stories, both false and true, both understated and wildly exaggerated, about magickers and their foul deeds.

As for "picking a magicker from the crowd like a sore thumb," if you're one of these picked magickers, I'd suggest that you stop hitting your hand with a hammer and start wondering what it is that you're doing, or not doing, that is revealing you.  There are ways to appropriately conceal your doings from the common population and mislead even those who are OOCly evaluating you.

-- X