Yet another stat ordering question

Started by MorganChaos, June 14, 2006, 06:41:54 PM

How does it work? I'm seing the term tossed around like it ought to be obvious, but I don't understand. Was this explained somewhere else in more detail and I missed it? instead of stealing an uneaten one, like a normal person, I decided I wanted the one already in her mouth."

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Speculation by the player base about the code calculation aside.
It prioritizes the importance of specific stats.
A HG is still going to be super strong, and lack agility.
You can still have all very good stats, or pretty poor ones.
But it should allow to you to emphasize, or demphasize something at least to an extent to help your character be more appropriate to the way you imagined it.

In character gen it's explained.
Basically you can choose to make sure that if you had 4 rolls, that the higher roll (even if it's not that high) will go into stat X, so that you won't be lacking.

So , Strength, Agility, Wisdom, Endurance would prioritize my higher, proportional roll to Strength, then to Agil, and so on. In some cases, due to racial extremes, the stat will still be largely dispoportionate when compared to other races, regardless of where you order it.