Email issues

Started by , May 12, 2006, 03:20:38 AM


A few months ago I emailed the Kuraci imms staff with a bunch of questions and cc'ed the mud, never got a response...

and a few days ago I sent in a special app to a different set of imms, cced mud, still no response...

someone told me it may have to do with my hotmail account, but I definitely got email back there when I was creating my character and needed to negotiate some elements of her background, so I know it's possible...

I attached a log to each... the first may have been a word file, but i know for a fact the second was a text file, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm wondering if the staff is too busy to respond, which I would understand, or perhaps my emails aren't getting through?


Some Imms have been fairly busy lately.  Some of the staff will be even less available with the upcoming 'vacation', so it might be awhile, depending on who you emailed.

Here's a checklist.. Did you email ALL the pertinent staff? Ie, all clan staff
You cc'ed mud.  That's good.
Did you follow up after a week?
Did you check your junk folder?  Sometimes hotmail handles mail from imms differently from arm email.
Are you sure your recent email warranted a response?  Some staff, if they think there's no question/request/whatever, might not reply.  

That said, if you follow up after a week (maybe give a little more time considering the bulk of staff will be gone next week), and still don't receive a response, email the mud directly and explain your situation, and ask to have someone check in with the pertinent imms.  For future reference, questions about getting mail from staff is probably best handled in mailing the mud, rather than posting on GDB.
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