New issue of The MUD Journal

Started by Sanvean, February 05, 2003, 12:17:19 PM

The February issue of the MUD Journal is up at:

This month, articles include:

Brody's editorial, Take the Lead, discusses player leadership in a roleplay
context, and enumerates the characteristics of a good player leader.
Families and Child PCs, by Andrei, proposes a system for allowing new players
to acclimate by running children of experienced players.
Alaire delves into more roleplay issues in her article, Adding Depth to
Role-play, suggesting ways to make characters deeper, more compelling, and more
interesting to play.
Ntanel Stormblade kicks off a new column, the Internet Politician, with Hackers
and Crackers
A reprint of an Imaginary Realities article, On the Treatment of Coders,
discusses how to provide your coders with the feedback and input they need.