Objective and a dwarf's focus

Started by A very focused dwarf, April 25, 2006, 02:31:11 AM

Last time I played a dwarf the "objective" field was for the dwarf's focus, however for non-dwarves it can also be for what your character's current goal is (for example if I want to join House Borsail I'll do "change objective Join House Borsail" so staff members can tell at a glance what my current goal is).

With a dwarf my focus might be "Go to Jihae" and I've decided that the easiest way to do that is to find an extremely powerful magicker, so my character is looking for one. For my objective do I put "Looking for a powerful magicker" or do I put "Going to Jihae"?

Thanks in advance.

I suggest putting your ultimate goal in the objective, and use biography to outline your plans.

This must be a personal preference thing.  I'm not sure how the other staff feel, but when I am perusing objectives, I would rather see short-term goals than long-term.  It's much harder for me to pop into an NPC to help you with a long-term goal than a short-term, and I've always felt that was more along the lines of the original intent of an "objective":  to give the staff a clue about what you're doing, so that we can help/hinder you appropriately.  :)

It also goes a long way toward explaining your current activities to have a shorter-term objective that applies to what you're doing now rather than having to piece together the puzzle of how you're going to reach your long-term final goal.

That said, Ashyom's suggestion of biography as a tool for providing outlined plans is an excellent one.

-- X