Watch extension: hidden emotes

Started by Morgenes, April 12, 2006, 09:44:35 AM

We have added a pair of new commands to work with the watch changes.  Hemote and phemote (hidden emote and possessive hidden emote).  Here is the description of them from the hidden emote helpfile.

Quote from: "hidden emote helpfile"Hidden emotes should be used to represent subtle motions that wouldn't
be obvious to the room you are in.  Only those who are actively watching you, or who are very observant will notice these.

  > hemote rubs ^me fingers lightly together

It has the same syntax and handling as the regular emote command (so you can do things like use @ to put your short description anywhere in the hidden emote).

Please read over this carefully and if you have any questions about using these, please post a discussion thread, or if you'd rather discuss it in private, mail and cc

Armageddon Staff