Armageddon Book

Started by Sanvean, April 10, 2006, 04:20:31 PM

I hope to have the first Armageddon book out by the end of May.  Right now I have been mailing people to get their okay to use their stuff and find out how they want to be credited.  If you are or know any of the following ppl, could you ask them to send me their contact info?

Skarp Hedin, Thanas, Xaelic's player, Shoka's player. Kurano

The book will include a section of website stuff, a sampling of player histories from the staff wiki, and several logs.  Any profits from its publication will be used first to reimburse project costs and then for advertising the game.

Still working on this - we have the copy all finalized but are finishing up with the layout and graphics.  I'm shooting for mid-June.