My Idea For A Reimplimentation of Touch

Started by creeper386, February 01, 2003, 02:51:18 AM

Alright, figured my idea might get lost in the discussion of everything else so decided to make a new post where it'd fit better(I think most my ideas get lost in the discussion, I'm not even receiving a shut up you ass hole your ideas stink or anything like that). I'm just copying the releveant bit, not adjusting it because I'm lazy. So here it goes.

Quote from: "I"I think though, that the touch code or something similar should remain in, but with a solid policy that it still doesn't allow closed emotes, it's just something to allow some judgement. It probably should take more things into account such as pure agility, that should be a big part of it, but no more then 50% of determining it. Probably defense skill should be taking into account, alittle bit should be taken into account if the person has weapons drawn, and probably even alittle bit of wisdom. Wouldn't be perfect, and thats what the policy for not allowing it to be an absolute to allow closed emotes. If I remember right, the command echoed to the whole room, and it'd allow people to use it to further their judgement. Along with that, if you add levels to it, like an experienced warrior thats VERY quick against a big fat fellow who's sitting in a chair, could echo something like, "The big fat guy has barely ANY chance to avoid the warriors touch." and in reverse, "The warrior is hardly likely to be hit by the big fat guy."

I think that'd allow people to have something to judge their actions on, but it isn't allowed to allow closed emotes at the same time, it should take in positions, standing, sitting, resting, sleeping/unconcious as well as what I mentioned above.

Perhaps not a GREAT idea, and surely to take some major adjustments to the touch code, but I think it's better then nothing, and the only idea I can come up with.

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