Zalanthan Technology

Started by Mecha Panzer Kank, March 19, 2006, 11:37:39 PM

Do city-born Zalanthans know how to use pulleys?
What about educated ones?

Also, is there a commonly used material that acts like rubber?
What about a spring?

If I build a machine that drops kanks on peoples' heads, will it be implemented?

There is one pulley object in the game, as far as I can tell, so I would presume at least educated Zalanthans might know.

Rubber - I can't think of a substitute offhand.

There are no non-watery springs in the game.  Plus, wouldn't that require metal?

Final question:  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Just to add to what Sanvean said:

On the subject of springs:

It actually depends largely on the type of spring you're looking for. There's actually a variety of types of springs, made from various matierals. Your typical coiled spring (made of metal) won't be found on Zalanthas, but leaf springs, cantilever springs, and torsion springs could all be easily made from non-metal objects, and are probably used all the time.

Indeed, PCs use one type of spring every day on Zalanthas: the bow, which is a type of leaf spring. Things like catapults use non-metal springs (generally wound up rope), and many Templarate torture devices (The Cuddler) turn PCs into human springs.

For everything you wanted to know about mechanical springs, check out the Wikipedia entry.

On pulleys:

While there is only one pully object in-game, I would guess that simple machines (the wheel, the wedge and the inclined plane) have all been mastered by Zalanthans ages ago. Pulleys are absolutely nessecary in building things on a grand scale (like giant pyramids and towers). While many Zalanthans might not understand the best ways to use a pulley, my guess would be that most city-based Zalanthans would be able to recognize one, and more rural types could probably get a handle on it quickly enough.

The Zalanthans who would know how to use one effectively are going to be your skilled laborers who work with lifting heavy things regularly (slave laborers, masons, engineers, etc.), and your educated elite (Nobles and a few Merchants).