Upcoming Change: Clans can have some freedom from the law

Started by Morgenes, March 07, 2006, 01:55:15 AM

I've put in a code change that will allow the staff to mark certain rooms as under the domain of a particular clan, or clans.  Within this domain, the populous will look the other way, and not report them to the authorities should they do something wrong.  So long as the eyes of the law (read an actual soldier or templar) are not in the room.

This will only be within the stronghold of the clan, for instance in the compound of a merchant clan, or the estate of a noble clan.

This will take some time for your staff members to add this in to the existing rooms.  It won't be an automatic change.  Do NOT bug them and ask when your estate or compound will get this done.  They will post and let you know when it is.  For now, be safe and assume they have NOT done this until you hear otherwise.

Armageddon Staff