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Started by Anonymous, January 29, 2003, 02:53:58 PM

Hello Staff!
    You guys are great.  After my latest thrashing in the sands, I've begun to wonder...Do you get tired of approving character applications?  
    A lover of the harsh sands, and gloomy alleys... I tend to die a lot.  But it's a rush until the very end.  I can just imagine you guys approving the same accounts over and over, maybe thinking..."Will this guy ever learn?".  So just for the record, how much death is too much death?
Thanks, character #43

Well, most of my chars have been pretty short lived. Im up there a little more than you in numbers, and I have even managed to get a pair of  Karma points under my belt along the way. All through my arm career I have gotten good comments from immortals on my play (one exception), I don't think my dieing has really put them off too much. One immortal who I rp'd with like every day for a couple weeks was surprised when I had died but added a note to my next chars approval saying good luck in the future etc...(the one who got me hooked on skellebain laced spice, you know who you are. ;) Ole' Nuli-Pah never forget ya.)

   You have to understand that the staff are real cool when it comes to that, these people understand the game is harsh better than most of the players who die once or twice a week. I mean, I just died in fact, a little crushed but I will move on, we all do. Sometimes I find it hard not being able to explain my deaths to those who might be watching, but I reassure myself that they understand, its all good as long as I had fun.

For the record how much death is too much death?

    In armageddon, you kidding me? Mayby around character 200 should you start to worry... its about having fun, and if it takes 200 chars of fast-paced action for you to have your fun who can say no to that?
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There was a thread a bit a go about long and short lived characters. And I think the concensus was that Arm needs both long and short lived chars. So do not think oh I do not have a character that lives 20 years I must suck, that's not true. We need short lived chatrs in game to have a constant supply of new recruits and new employees to employ and new informants to hire and new hunters to send out to their deaths, etc...

My sixth character still lives, he lived about 36 days in game time. But be sure, my first character lived only an hour in game time. I think you're trying the 'loner'. It's hard, but now I can earn my 'wata' money, and even save a few 'sids. To everyone; loner newbies may live, but they hardly live. Go on trying... Good luck!
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On the old GDB there was a thread on char deaths and creations, and at that time I think one of the staff mentioned somebody having an account with like 140+past chars and I think the account was like less then a year old, that was the record at the time, So, I guess it takes a while for them to go hey, thats too many:)
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I once had a bug on my account that would delete all my characters back to 140 exactly.  I don't know if it was fixed, but I have more then that now and they aren't deleting back to it.  So I don't know, I guess it is a lot.

I'm not going to speak for the staff but I will say that I'm sure it's no problem.  I prefer to live longer, myself, because I tend to create very long term goals for my characters, and with that in mind, I couldn't imagine plugging concept after concept into the character generator two times a day, or even week.  I like to put as much as I can into a role and expand on their personality/background as they develope.  I'm glad there is a nice hodgepodge of short lived and long lived characters though, but I sometimes wonder when players die so rapidly -- no matter how harsh this game is -- do they not care about their characters?  The only way I would rush off and die like that is if I had pregenerated characters, otherwise, I value the time I've spent on conjuring a 4+ line description and background.  I understand that sometimes you may face IC death over something you know OOCly will get you killed, and I respect that, I hope I would have the courage to do such a thing if it happened to me, but there's a time and a place for that, and I don't think it would be all that often.  To each his/her own, I suppose.  Maybe there is a great thrill in dying that I have yet to discover  :roll:   I think even if you died quite regularly, you are still capable of immersing yourself in a role, but there can be too much of anything.  Doing nothing but trying to OOCly prevent your character from dying is as bad, in my opinion, as doing nothing but tossing character concept after character concept into the garbage with yet another death.

I don't care about dying because I like creating characters, I already have my next character planned out.  I think it's because my imagination is constantly working overtime and I just keep getting all these ideas to play.  But truly half of the characters that have died (probably 60-70) were just random deaths to templars or when I was first starting out, and dying to scrabs and shit.  I thought I was invincible, and I was really arrogant coming from a pk mud and being a really good pker, dominating pk muds and stuff, I was looking for something different and came to Arm, and it just takes us who come from PK muds and are actually god-like at Pk muds a long time to get out of that whole deal.

Nah, we don't get tired of reviewing applications per se.  Sometimes we get tired -while- reviewing them, but that's why we have several people who look at applications in the queue every day.  So some reviewers may approve/deny/edit ten or twenty per day, others may look at three or four, and some may not review any; the next day it shifts, so the work always gets done and nobody feels so responsible that they burn out.

Really, just about the only thing we (well, I) look at if an account is generating a lot of character applications is whether the applications are getting better -- i.e., if we have to edit or deny for the SAME reasons on the SAME account ten days in a row it can be frustrating.  Likewise, if the same account keeps coming up over and over in quick succession someone may just check to see *how* they're dying and may leave a comment depending on that.  But per se it's not an issue if someone happens to run characters who die frequently.

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