Updates & Upgrades

Started by Cuusardo, February 26, 2006, 10:31:16 PM

With the length of the downtime, my curiosity is piqued.  What sort of upgrades are taking place here?  I mean, I'm figuring this is some serious stuff...
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We had to take Armageddon off the Commodore 64 at some point. The tape drive was getting hard to repair, and you can't buy them except as antiques anymore.

PS. There's not really any upgrades going on. The european Arm players bribed the overlords to relocate the physical box to Latvia. It's just going to take a little time to ship and set back up. If US and Canadian players experience any extra lag during future play, well, take it to the UN.

I wouldn't have minded them moving the box so much if they hadn't included the Storytellers in the deal.  One day you are happily on the way home from your cushy job at the marshmallow factory and the next thing you know, two guys with fake moustaches and thick accents are tossing you into the back of a truck for 'repatriation and re-education' in Latvia.

And no, I don't buy the 'you should just be glad that it was subtle' and 'this is what you get for signing a contract written in what they said was tatlum' argument.
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It's mostly an O/S upgrade/update.  I don't know the version numbers or anything like that, but Saikun is upgrading the O/S for a number of reasons.  One reason is so that we'll have a certain level of libraries so that Xygax can continue with upgrading the code-base to C++.  He'd reached a point where he couldn't go any further due to the need for updating the libraries.  Also, if I'm not mistaken, these new libraries will make it more doable for us to have all the rooms/objects/npcs/zones in an actual SQL database instead of flat files.  The code itself will still have to be updated and the databases created and so on, but the framework for making it possible will be in.

Oh the ideas that some of the staff have come up with if we were using an SQL-enabled database vs. flat files are really awesome ideas.  One idea is... <END>
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What Hal said. It's just a significant OS upgrade, plus I'm looking at some CPU fans that aren't making happy noises. Nothing big. The extended downtime is because I have approximately 1 free hour out of any given 24, so the easiest way for me to make this thing work was to bring Ginka to work with me, and do the upgrades while I'm doing other stuff.

I've been putting this upgrade off for about a year, so I figured it was time to buckle down and do it.


Do you actually buy that?

Rumor has it that Saikun's work blocks access to Arm. He felt his character was falling behind his arch enemy in skill and power. He's now hooked up Arm at work so that he can twink his character up. Expect to see Steinal's new master rise by wednesday!

rm -fr /lib/accounts/Dakurus

Just for that, I'm drinking all your beer this year.

You know I'll appreciate the help. It's hard to stay so drunk for so long! Besides, I always keep a secret stash in the mattress, and some cold ones in the ice-filled bathtub with the new Storytellers' extra kidneys.



I got dibs on his heart.  And lungs.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

Oh, so that's why I felt so crappy that one morning at the last AIM.  I thought it was a hangover, but apparently I had surgery to harvest one of my kidneys.
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don't tell the players about the organ harvesting.  Damnit.

I can't donate any organs, but I got a piano I can let go cheap.
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None of this is true.. The truth is..

All Immortals are Power Gamers and twinks.. Overlords are the worst of all. Saturday down time wasn't long enough to do all our skill twinking. (fools, you think we really do work on Saturday.. Ahhhahhhahhaa...) Some of the players were actually starting to beat us.

So, Saikun shut down Ginka and put us up on a new server. During this "downtime" we will all be working on our own PC's uber magicker skillz and our L337 slashing and bludgeoning skillz. I myself will be working on Backstab to unbelievable amounts. So don't be surprised when both cities start to see a rise in murder rates.. That's me.. And that's the real story..
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