'Special' apps.

Started by Moofassa, February 16, 2006, 12:22:01 PM

Have you ever recieved any special apps that have been so blatantly stupid, that you just laughed and auto-rejected it? Like what?
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I haven't ever actually gotten any apps yet that made me laugh, though I've seen some that were received prior to my starting to answer them.

Sometimes, someone very new will app for a psionicist or sorcerer - and these applications are rejected pretty quickly.  Otherwise, I usually take the time to at least watch the player a whlie and talk to other IMMs who have interacted with them.  Sometimes, I  may reply suggesting they apply for something a little less karma intensive then their original application, and sometimes people are rejected because we just don't feel they are ready for a role yet, or they've got some recent bad account notes to overcome, but I rarely see anything outright silly.
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