Virtual food and eating habits

Started by Cenghiz, February 10, 2006, 06:51:54 PM

With nearly all of my non-hunter PCs I tend to buy meat from hunters rather than shops, so character interaction is formed. But especially from the expert skinners who can skin few pieces of meat from every animal, I usually buy more than ten pieces of meat at once.
Normally if it was real life, meat should have rotten easily even in a very dry climate. So my characters often try to use the methods of cooking to let the meat last longer like drying, curing or making sausages. But because it's really boring, I do not cook all the food at one night and often log out before I can cook them all.
So I play it out like: I went virtual for nearly an IC week, in this amount of time I did virtual work, cooked and ate the meat, then paid virtual hunters for meat which was the same quality with the meat I already had.
Is it a healthy approach?

And as the second question, I could not find documentation about the feeding habits of the citizens of cities, like: "While somewhat richer Tuluki commoners prefer bread tasted with fruit, some fresh steak and -as the dessert- fresh fruit or some fruit pies for the lunch; Allanaki commoners prefer eggs, freshly roasted roots and tubers, scrab heads and large loaves of bread."
Are there any habits of eating that we should know?
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