The Victor!

Started by Yokunama, February 04, 2006, 09:12:04 PM

What Imm would win in a fight to the death over the last pack of Ramen?

Just thought you guys would want something fun, after working hard on the MUD today.

>drop pants
You do not have that item.

The naked one, as all the rest avert their eyes.

I don't think there'd be one single winner.  The real issue would be "who's the first to die".  Because their body would be cut up and eaten by the rest of us and therefore the rest of us wouldn't even have to fight over the ramen.
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What's Ramen?
You give your towering mound of dung to the inordinately young-spirited Shalooonsh.
the inordinately young-spirited Shalooonsh sends:
     "dude, how'd you know I was hungry and horny?"

This is obviously a trick question, since really, nobody wins. Its a pack of ramen, afterall. Even if you win, you loose, since now you have to eat the dang thing.

Now, if you said "Who would win in a fight to the death over a pack of Ding Dongs", I would say, without a doubt, the answer is 'Nessalin'.

Hands down.

Over ding dongs? I dunno Tlaloc - pit Nessalin against a woman who is hormonal and craving chocolate - it might be a pretty close fight.   :twisted:
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Who do I have to kill not to have to eat the ramen?

I should add - this question was obviously written by someone who did not hear the stories about the AIM.  Everyone knows IMMS don't eat ramen, they eat Hostess Treats and mysterious Shepard's Pie - sometimes at nearly the same time.
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