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Tents. Poppin a tent. Pitchin a woodie.
« on: February 04, 2006, 08:20:33 PM »
I just noticed that this awesome item didn't have a crafting recipe... and then I noticed that it used the word 'burlap'.  Er... I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever  seen burlap in this game outside of this item.  Should this word be changed to 'sandcloth' in respect to the world and craftability?

I have an awesome crafting recipe for this wicked (pre-existing) tent item, and would love for it to be craftable.  The recipe is below the item entry.  All stats on the item will remain the same as per weight and size and what not.

a rope-bound, tan-colored tent

Currently, this tent has been rolled into a hasty cubicle shape and tied
tightly with sturdy ropes of woven hemp and leather.  The tent is noticeably
less encumbering than ones sold more frequently around Zalanthas, due to the
fact that its poles are made of a blackened bone instead of wood.  The
burlap that makes up the sides of the tent is flimsy, but thick enough to
block the harsh crimson rays of Suk-Krath and keep sand out.

As I see it, the tent should be made from bone supports, as described.  I looked at the 'long length of bone' and couldn't find anything reminiscent of 'blackened bone pole length' so I'm submitting that one too.

All stats for the bone will remain the same as the normal 'long length of bone' I suppose, except I beleive that weight should be halved from whatever it currently is (as the blackening process boils and removes the moisture from the bone).

a long, blackened bone pole
long blackened bone pole length
A slender length of blackened bone is here.

crafted from a long length of bone

This length of bone, removed from some probably unwilling animal, has been carefully treated and blackened by fire.  The tips of the bone have been carefully rounded and smoothed on one end, and have small nubs on the opposite.  Two and a half cords long, and extremely light, this bone looks too fragile to survive a direct blow.

tent recipe:
First take four lengths of white sandcloth and a long, stick thin leaf.  Using tailoring (or tentmaking) the cloths would be bound together and dyed into:

a tan-colored length of pocketed sandcloth
This large length of fabric has been dyed the very color of soft tan dunes, with small splotches of darker and lighter hues of brown intermingled. Two small pockets rest at each corner, facing opposite directions upon the outside seams.  Near the center are matching pockets, the stitching upon them done four times over upon each, and reinforced with an extra layer of sandcloth.

Now, to put everything together into tentform, you would need
2 a long, blackened bone pole
a tan-colored length of pocketed sandcloth
a tanned gold and brown hide (I am working offline right now, and my PC is far from blackwing, but I believe that is the desc of a tanned sunback hide)
Yes. Read the thread if you want, or skip to page 7 and be dismissive.

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