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Okay, so how many of you staffers are still in school?

Highschool or college, graduate school, medschool, sex-god training academy? Any in the highschool senior class of '06 with me?

Just curious.
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Just graduating nursery school myself.

Quote from: "Bogre"Any in the highschool senior class of '06 with me?

Just curious.




oh wait, that makes me... older.  Crap.

I am currently back in school. But I am an old bitty. And Halaster is lying.. He is a demon spawn that has just graduated from grammar school. Look out 6th grade!
Sometimes I feel less like an immortal and more like a drug dealer.

As a more serious answer, there are currently no high school students on staff. There are some that are either in college, or taking classes in a post graduate, or other type of basis. The majority are 40 hour+ a week wage slaves with a mortage, or other debt. Some are married, some have children, some are married with children, some are Al Bundy, and some are single, likely because they are Al Bundy. We live in various locales around the world.

Dakurus is telling the truth except for the various locales around the world. The truth is, when you join staff, you have to move to the Mojave desert. There, we actually play "real life Armageddon", complete with lack of hygiene, foraging for rocks, and 9 hour days. Don't ask where the other 15 hours went, though, or you have to solo hunt mekillots.
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We sell the excess hours on Ebay in order to fund ginka.

Seems like there's not even that many of us in college anymore (don't really know the exact numbers).  It fluctuates a little bit, but by and large we're youngish "professionals".  Although I'm getting a little long in the tooth and at today's haircut there was a startling amount of colorless hair being shorn, I'm still in residency (not quite school, but still a training position).  In the last five or six years I THINK we've only had one staffer still in high-school?  I don't usually pay much attention until someone says on immcomm "sorry, gotta catch the school bus" or "Mom's driving me to Chuck-E-Cheese, bbl."

Actually, some on staff these days might say that and mean their kids or wife.

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I'm twice married, with a kid and a step kid, living in my rural swamp Yankee white trash dream compound. Nine years out of college, although pondering going back for my Master's in something dorky, just so I can say I have one. Almost all of my high school teachers are dead, and have been replaced with people I graduated high school with. Which makes me feel doubly old.


I dropped out because school is for suckers. Stick me into the category of "young professionals."
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I actually went to high school in the Mojave desert.  Must be why I identify with Arm so much.  

I'm married and a new papa (Sydney Emeline born 1/20/06).  I've been through quite a bit of school (more school than I should have for the degrees I have), but I do have a Masters degree in Comp Sci.

Armageddon Staff

I went to high school in Ohio, graduated in 92'. I actually went to the School for the Creative and Performing arts with none other than...
(drumroll).. Nick Lachey.

Yep - He made it rich and I'm sitting here helping you people! I really have to get off my ass. (I have been working on music and singing gigs last year, and I'm hoping to make something happen this year.)

I went to college off and on for 8 years, going to school, taking a break/working/etc. Got my BA in technical/scientific communication with a focus on IT/SAN/MIS.

I am now a professional DBA/Tech Writer/Project Analyst. Very happily single and living a peaceful life.

Currently getting training through work. Training to be a certifield field engineer in RF Operations, learning SQL server and .asp, and working on learning CDMA technologies.  So I guess you could say I'm in a 'college mode' of sorts again. And I like it! I feel like I'm 24 again and not 31, heh.

I am in need of a spring break soon though. (Come on AIM).
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(drumroll).. Nick Lachey.

Who's he?

I graduated Harvard  mail-order college (Class of 1924) with a PhD in Nuclear Physics.  Since then, I've had a few career shifts and now split the majority of my time between dog grooming, astrology and my position as product taster at the local ink jet factory.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, roller coast rides and tormenting Halaster on a regular basis.
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Quote from: "Halaster"
Quote from: "Eniriah"
(drumroll).. Nick Lachey.

Who's he?

Exactly Hal....Exactly.

(He is Nick from The Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson. Also known for his boy band 98 degrees a few years ago.)
"Change is not inspired without risk.." - Eniriah

I'm foreign, I do not understand these concepts.
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