Benjari/Tribal Questions

Started by A Benjari, January 27, 2006, 03:36:02 AM

I am currently playing a Benjari, do they have an encampment in game?  If they do, how do I officially join the tribe to where I can stable my mount with them and stuff because I know in some tribal encampments you can not stable your mount, they say I don' t know you or something to that extent.  I was thinking maybe I should put it in my objective?  If the Benjari don't have their own tents I would still like to know this about the stables if possible for future reference.  I know of two other human tribal encampments of the Al Siek and Jul Tavan I was thinking the brightly colored tents were Benjari.  I need to know this for obvious reasons as a family member.

Also I don't think it specifies in the docs how a Benjari would feel about magick.

In the past with more specifically as a d elf, I have played a tribe that doesn't have an encampment.  I didn't feel right about selling the food to Luir's or wherever seeing as how technically some goods like hides and food should be going to the tribe.  But alas no tribe to actually give it to!  What can you do in this case?  A friend suggested RPing meeting other runners or human tribe members (VNPCs) and giving said items to them, then junking them so codedly you couldn't use them.  This is especially a delima when you are RPing alone in your tribe as far as other PCs go.

Do tribals -never- go into a tavern or city even every now and then for a visit if they are still an active, devout member of their people?  Sometimes especially playing a human tribal it seems, PCs that are in your tribe and play in the same area are sparse.  For the sake of just getting to interact with other players, is it okay for a tribal to dip into the taverns from time to time just to get word or whatever?  Would the same apply to a d elf tribal as opposed to a human tribal?

For information on benjari, check out this doc (it's in Clans section -> tribals -> benjari - just so you know where to find other similar information).

If you have questions that this document doesn't answer, try contacting Mekeda.  She's the resident expert on the human tribals.

If you're joining to run an al Seik, Benjari, or Arabet, let Mekeda know ahead of time.  They do have encampments, a coded clan affiliation, and some objects.  It looks to me as though the listing on the clan pages needs to be updated to make this clear; it was written before she put together the nomadic encampments.

Addendum in answer to a couple of unanswered questions.

I presume they feel like most of Zalanthas, horrified and appalled by magic.  If not, yeah, that needs to be noted in that doc.

I have less problem with a tribal human going into a tavern than a DE, although I still think they would feel uncomfortable and out of place, at least initially.   (And there are some tribes that are horrified at the notion of cities than others).   This is because most taverns are mainly human, and it seems to me DEs would feel even more out of place.  But maybe Dakurus or Rimius could expand on the elvish part.

Actually, the coded tribes are the Al'Seik, Arabet, and Jul Tavan. The Benjari do not have a coded tribe or coded tents. That's one of the reasons that it is recommended people playing a tribal human email ahead of time so that I have a chance to go over the various options available. Benjari are allowed, that's fine, but they have no staff support, in so much as a coded place to live, a stables or any of the other support structures.

Also, each of the tribes has it's own unique ways of viewing and dealing with magickers. Almost unilaterally, magickers outside the tribe would be hated/feared/killed on sight.

One of the players who has played a Benjari in the past and who I have been working with on tribal documentation of the Benjari sent me this as their feedback and I'm going to paste it here because I believe it speaks to the point fairly well. I won't name names but my thanks to the player for the constant input they gave me last year when I was working on coding the three camps and fleshing out the documentation on all of the human tribes a bit more.

"It is a hard, harsh land they live in, and they are hard, pragmatic
people - mages other than Ruk or Vivadu, if discovered, are put to
trial by the elders; if they are deemed a danger to the tribe, they
are outcast, sometimes killed, depending on their status and family.
Ruk and Vivadu are usually allowed to stay, but are not allowed to
mate.  Mages are afforded wary respect because of what they can do for
the tribe, but considered tainted, impure.  There is a superstition
that all mages are the children of demons, and the mother of such a
child is often accused of coupling with them, willingly or no.  Bad
for status.

As a note, I've always thought would be somewhat unusual for a Benjari
outcast to hold a grudge against their tribe for cutting them loose.
Due to their mindset, they would probably believe it for the best, and
direct any bitterness at themselves or at their lot in life."