What's this crazy talk?

Started by YellowCactus, January 16, 2006, 04:13:39 PM

A new Race?  A new Race option?  Can we play them?  Are they really new?  Or New options for players.  Do we need Karma?  Is it bigger than a bread-Box?  Do they hate elves?  Are they blue like smurfs?  Can we eat them?  Please break your silence on the matter!


"A new race" does not nessecarially mean a race playable by players. It could mean anything from a new breed of tregil, to vampire wildebeast, to psionic gith sorcerers.

That said, many races are playable by players, via a special app. I imagine this new race is "playable" (just as all races are "playable"), and players might be welcome to special app for it - but I suppose that's between you, and the special applications staff.

As for the rest of the information, you'll have to find out IC. If it's not in the helpfiles, that is your ultimate answer.