Posting Guidelines Updated

Started by Sanvean, January 13, 2006, 02:12:36 AM

The posting guidelines for this board have been updated.  You can view the Posting Guidelines at any time by clicking the "Posting Guidelines" link on the upper righthand side of the main board screen.  The item that has been added is this:

QuoteIf you are abusing the PM privilege, your ability to send PMs will be removed. Attempts to get around such a removal by creating alternate accounts will result in the banning of your game account. Abuse includes persistent flaming, trolling, or harassing other players. If you feel you are being harassed and have already politely requested the harasser stop, please forward a copy of your request along with PMs received after the request was made and received to the mud account to be dealt with. Attempts to provoke other players into such a situation so you can request that they be banned will be treated as trolling.