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Yes I would love to see some carts put in as well. What Halaster said sounds would work like a furniture item you could drag, just like you drag someone when you subdue them, just with an item, the furniture item would just decrease the weight of everything inside it. It could be a subset of Wagon Making for merchants...they make carts before wagons, so on and so forth. Some npc shops could sell small carts like the mining shops and what not. And they are small enough that pcs could just leave them in thier apt when they are done with them...they cant be much larger than a pc can pull right? But if you want to start hooking beasts to them...thats a new ball game....maybe have it so you can mount a creature, while pulling you cart, and just rp having the cart attached to mount some how...the same way you rp throwing that subdued passed out bynner over the kank infront of you.
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