A seperate world for learning.

Started by Khorm, November 30, 2005, 08:35:32 PM

I'm not certain whether or not this has been brought up (I guess it has to have been at some point) exactly as I am about to, but I have read debates about "newbie schools" like the kind that are featured on many other MUDs.

My idea goes like this: Someone, somewhere makes a few rooms separate from anything within the MUD itself, sets those rooms up with a bunch of seats/tables/stuff and puts it up on a port seperate from Armageddon. Maybe this thing could be completely free of accounts and applications, and work as something of a "guest" area like SOI has.. except the emphasis would be less on weird OOC socialization, and more on game/syntax familiarization.

I've been role-playing through different forums quite a bit more lately and more and more I run into people that are great RP'ers that I would love to see on Armageddon, but are completely unfamiliar with anything related to MUDs. I really think something like this would offer a whole lot of help in bringing in completely new players that would otherwise be completely turned off to learning from scratch in a "live" environment. I'm sure veteran MUD'ers would benefit quite a bit from something like this as well.

I'm not sure of the downsides to hosting on another port, but I'm sure the MUD already has a few builder/tester ports already. One of the biggest benefits that I can think of is the ability to log onto it with someone and really be able to help and walk them through things in a much more up-front manner. Aside from that, helpers would be able to just hang out there in an alternate window and guide people through things, and maybe some of the more trusted individuals could be given staff powers like "force" to really help demonstrate syntax and all that junk.

I probably go on for quite a while, but I think I'd rather open it up for some criticism/further ideas/outright rejection

I'd love to see something like this implemented.