Pizza or Sphagetti

Started by ibusoe, November 22, 2005, 09:43:32 PM


One of my characters got into a bad situation a lil while ago, and an Immortal animated an NPC, who briefly spoke with my character.

While the I-NPC was unwilling or unable to provide my character much in the way of assistance, I am personally glad that the Immortal took the time to animate an NPC.  For reasons that I find difficult to explain, that meant a lot to me.  

I hope that Immortals feel free to make little cameo appearances in the lives of my characters, especially by animating nearby NPCs.  

Whoever did this, thx a lot!!!11

Here is my question to the staff.

If you were stopping by my house for dinner, would you prefer pizza or spagetti??

-- Person A OOCs: I totally forgot if everyone is okay with the adult-rated emotes and so forth?

-- Person B OOCs: Does this count as sex or torture? I can't tell.

-- Person A OOCs: I'm going to flip coins now to decide.

Definitely pizza.
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Quote from: "Myrdryn"Spagetti

Me too.  Spaghetti.  It's my personal favorite meal of all times.
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both isn't an option?

Armageddon Staff

Pizza, with none of that green or fishy crap.  Meat, with maybe mushrooms & onions.  If there is pineapple there, you will die.
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