What are the limits about inquiring for IMM intervention?

Started by Dazed and Confused, January 16, 2003, 09:01:47 AM

I hate to bother sending IMM's questions that can be asked here, especially, when the info obtained could be useful to others in my position.

What can IMM's do to help a player who is unable to obtain something in the game because the few people who can grant the benefit never seem to be on or are never in your area?

Even when asking about the person from others IG, they say they never see that person around.

If you have an IC suggestion, please let me know.

Well, what I'd do is give it a fair amount of time, like say a few RL days of trying to get a hold of the person.  

While waiting, and if it makes sense I'd chat up some NPCs in a tavern and then leave a post to the effect of 'You overhear some patrons complaining about how some Dazed and Confused fella who goes by the name of Machoman keeps bothering everyone in his quest to find Lord Inbred'  (And just a tip its generally preferred that it is done using VNPCs as people don't like to see the Gaj bartender Vennant, for example, complaining about magickers in one post and then happily talking to one in the next)

Then if nothing got accomplished, I'd email the clan imm with account name, character name, what I'm trying to do and my normal times that I login.  Hopefully they will pass that on to the player you are trying to reach or if necessary intervene with an equivalent NPC.

I'd imagine that a relatively new PC should expect a slower response not as a sign of prejudice but merely as a pragmatic step.  New PCs have the strange quirk of getting theyselfs blowed up a lot.

What is considered a relatively new PC?

I am working on my 3rd day.

I'd imagine a PC that has been around for under a RL month would be considered new still.  That's just my own personal interpretation.

Going with my own assumptions here I think new isn't relative to the results from the 'score' command so much as that the player has shown that they are serious about the role enough to play realistically and keep the PC alive.

I see...that does make sense in a roleplaying way.

Why would someone want to establish a relationship with someone who might just commit suicide......

Did your question get answered sufficiently?

QuoteWhat can IMM's do to help a player who is unable to obtain something in the game because the few people who can grant the benefit never seem to be on or are never in your area?

If the people are in a particular clan, you might try dropping the staff member in charge of that clan a note about what you need and see what they can suggest.

If it's something like a merchant's license in Nak, feel free to wish up.  If there's no answer, give it a half hour and try again.

In general, we prefer people to send an email to mud@ginka.armageddon.org or simply wish up -- true, it may not always be completely appropriate, but if it's not then we can just tell you so.  Better that than sitting quietly and not getting anything done, IMO.  Perhaps surprisingly, we don't get annoyed about wishes unless someone wishes the same thing over and over AFTER being told it's not appropriate (we tend to leave a note on someone's file if we've said something like that to them).  But do at least think about it before wishing up.

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Yeah, well in regards to the 'new' status on a PC.  I'd say you are still new until after ten days of play time.  If you pass the ten day mark, unless something unexpected happens, or you do something that will get you killed by accident or by choice (getting wanted in Luirs for example), you have a good chance of your character staying alive.