Started by Dazed and Confused, January 14, 2003, 07:34:45 PM

Are Blindfolds coded? and if not is it possible?

This could be very useful for a thief's hideout or something like that.

true, it would be kind of neat. would it really be worth coding,though? you could just knock the guy out and drag/carry him to the hideout. if he doesn't like that method, tell him to screw or suggest something far nastier.

Subduing still allows you to see. I just dont see how you knock someone out?

They turn nosave on, then you sap them. But then again, they'd have to be willing to get knocked out.  Or you could trust the guy to not watch the directions or room descriptions, with a virtual blindfold. Or actually.. even better.. you could wish up to have the guy temporarily blinded (As per the spell) if you roleplay out the situation well enough.

As far as coding.. I'm sure it could be done, with a fair amount of simplicity, perhaps you would want to write up the objects and send them to the Mud account?

I like this idea a lot and I think there are lots of RP possibilities for it.

Codewise I imagine that existing code could be used for this, but that's just a wild guess.

Who in the world would want to allow themselves to be knocked out?  Heh.

I can just picture a ton of uses for this.  Elven trials of trust, raiders dragging nobles back to their hideout, etc.  The person wearing the blindfold could also 'rem blindfold' and face the IC consequences.

Personally, this is one of my favourite ideas to come down the pike in a long while.

Speaking of which, do ropes work to tie someone up, codewise? Say when they're subdued, and you want to keep them that way?

Ropes won't code wise tie someone up.  The best you can do, as far as I know, is just RP roping them up and hope they don't decide that they break free.

On the topic of blindfolds, I might be crazy, but I think I have seen one before.  It might have just been an RP prop though.

I know you can't really tie someone up with a rope with coded support, but from what I've heard it seems people are typically good about role playing a situation like that. The problem is, though, blindfolds are something that you can't just expect someone to role play. The player would still see whats going on, and I try to avoid situations where the player knows something the character doesn't (it happens a lot of course, but I don't find it preferable when it can be avoided). Regardless, I don't see making a blindfold code as a high priority, unless its as easy as making an object with a little script that invokes blindness like other existing effects do. But then... it'd be kind of silly that you couldn't blindfold someone with just anything, and you'd have to go shell out 10 sids for a special piece of plain fabric made for just that (one of which every person will certainly carry around in their pack). Otherwise the coding becomes difficult (adding it to every existing cloth object), and the effort is probably better off put somewhere else.

Anyway, I guess my point is that it'd be nifty, but more effort than its worth.
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Quote"effort is probably better off put somewhere else."[

Regarding the above statement, any effort that greatly increases the ability to role-play is very important.

Adding Hack-n-slash code adds almost nothing to role-play.

IMO all that has to be done is to add code that when you wear this object it creates a blindness that effects only the wearer. Just like it is in a real bad sandstorm or perhaps in very dark nights.

In this way a person could still emote actions, but would not be able to see exactly who is doing what.

It could add greatly to templar indoctrinations perhaps, thieves guilds, secret areas of Houses perhaps, or even the location of a mysterious oasis or water hole.

I used to play a raider, and as such my fellow scoundrels and I would do one of two things when dealing with a PC we did not wish to see certain things or ways of travel:

1.  We would tell him to eat something we gave him which would render him temporarily unconscious, then drag him off to where we were going.  Never had anyone NOT comply.  Realistically, when you tell someone 'Eat this or I'm gonna cut your testicles off and shove them up your arse!' they'll readily comply and eat what ya give 'em!

2.  We would subdue the poor bastard and club him into unconsciousness, then drag him off to where we were going.

I never had any problems with inappropriate roleplay regarding a PC we tied up 'virtually'.  Our victims were invariably well played and often times would nosave with out our prompting them to do so OOC.

Unfortunately, sometimes one does run into the zealous or new player who will use any opportunity or expediency of code to get his PC to safety.  It is my policy to give fair warning IC to all victims of my raider PCs that resistence will  result in a swift death.  I try to follow the three strikes rule.
I will give two warnings, but the third time a PC tries to escape or evade, my PC decides that, in the redneck parlance, 'Uh, he needed killin'.'

I urge all raider/mugger types to try and achieve their goals without use of deadly force unless all 'reasonable' alternatives have been exhausted, but that's just me.

Human history on earth is certainly rife with examples of murderous thieves, pirates, highwaymen and brigands who would simply kill first and rob later, or even torture their victims to death for sport.  I see no reason why such persons would not exist in Zalanthas.