Started by Nao, August 30, 2005, 03:58:41 AM

Is there any specific imm to mail to about 'technical' stuff, like account problems? Or just mail the mud?
A rusty brown kank explodes into little bits.

Someone says, out of character:
     "I had to fix something in this zone.. YOU WEREN'T HERE 2 minutes ago :)"

E-mailing mud@armageddon.org is your best bet here.  There are different people that can read that mud email, and more than likely they are also the ones that would be able to help you with your problem.  So rather than email several people seperately, you are able to reach the person to best solve your problem in one email.
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-- Person B OOCs: Does this count as sex or torture? I can't tell.

-- Person A OOCs: I'm going to flip coins now to decide.