Red Fang

Started by Vositus, January 12, 2003, 06:07:34 PM

Im looking for more Information on this elven tribe. Ive read the little blup in the 'Clan Specific' information and in the 'What you Know' section under 'If you are from the Tablelands', but would like to knwo a bit more about them.

Thanks in advance

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I would guess that they are a defunct tribe.  If you really want to know more I would suggest e-mailing the account.  They might not have documentation on hand, but they might be able to point you in the direction of someone who has.  

I once wanted information on an elven tribe.  I e-mailed the staff and they told me it was a defunct tribe and that they had no real documentation on it.  They did point me to the ex-leader of the tribe.  I e-mailed him and he bounced me to a web site containing the clan's documenation and even offered a few suggestions as to how to play being from that tribe.  So, you can post, and you might get a nibble, but I suggest e-mailing the account if you are really interested in it.

Yeah I did that as well


Thank you -very- much for replying

Digging through my notes, I found this, which I need to incorporate in the webpage docs.

The Red Fangs are thought to be settled somewhere to the far west of Allanak.
Their actual location is not
widely known, which is how they prefer it to be.  Having been known to
associate at times with the gith
tribes around the wastes, the Red Fangs are sometimes  not trusted outside
populated areas.  Working
successful trade routes between Allanak, and at times the Northlands; the Red
Fangs trade their crafts for
things not readily available to them.

Members of the Red Fangs are segregated into separate cells, each cell
responsible for a different role in
every day living.  Those members that have survived the harsh world for longer
times, are often looked at
as elders, or those of power and respect.  Crafts and specific skills are not
often shared between cells, and
those of each cell teach through apprenticeships and families passing down