wtf, mates?

Started by Sir Diealot, July 26, 2005, 01:06:34 AM

Is there something wrong with my email, that I never get mudmails back from the mudmail itself?

I've asked a few questions, and I've ended up with absolutely 0 answers.  I know I can receive it from the ginka.armageddeon site, since I've gotten a few staff-specific emails.  I've simply never received a reply from the mud itself.

Account: Kaltan
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Actually, a lot of us have our "From" header addresses set as <staffname>, but they are actually being delivered from other sites (our ISP e-mail, for example).  You should definitely check that your mail from mud@ isn't winding up in a junk folder somewhere.

That said, it's possible that you've not sent anything to mud which appeared, on first blush to require an explicit reply, or they simply haven't gotten around to handling your mail yet.

-- X