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Started by mansa, July 24, 2005, 01:46:47 PM


I was bored one day, and I was randomly searching Wikipedia, and I looked up some MUDs.  Armageddon wasn't there, [edit, I lied ] but at the bottom of the page explaining what a MUD is, was a list of links to resources about MUDs.  I know that Armageddon is advertised on TopMudSites and MUDconnector, but the one on the top of the list of the "MUD" page was

I did a search on mudlist and I didn't find Armageddon.  I was sad :(  :cry:

I'd like to see us advertised there.  It's free, from what I can see.  Who wants to be the first staff member to sign us up?  I'll give you a hearty-handshake and a real canadian dollar if you are the first.

Now, to the players reading my super duper awesome post.  Please don't sign us up for it.  The staff will need to have the authority to edit the profile that will be created, and it's a hassel to have to email the admins of Mudlists to regain control of it.
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You win Armageddon, congratulations!  Type 'credits', then store your character and make a new one